Ahuano, Ecuador

tennantWe’ll partner with The Tennant Family and their work with at-risk children and their communities in the Amazon region of Ecuador. There are two opportunities this year to be on mission in Ahuano. The first trip is for students during Spring Break. In August, a team will go down to catch the vision of the new work they have begun there.

Student Mission Trip: March 24 – April 1
Vision Trip: August 11 -20
Cost: (early estimate) $1400/per person

All of our missionary partners need encouragement– spiritually and realtionally. Serving overseas can be quite lonely at times. Our trips this year are unique in targeting the Tennant’s children with a Youth Mission trip and a Vision trip to become familiar with their new work. If you already love and support the Tennants, come see what they are involved in and where your support is going. If you are new to Gateway and aren’t familiar with them, please get to know them on the vision trip this year.

Gary and Christina have left the comforts of home and relocated their family to serve the impoverished in Ecuador. They have had some direction changes since their arrival in the country and have recently settled in the town of Ahuano.

They are off to a great start engaging the community. Gary has befriended and is now partnering with a local pastor in the area. Together, they are building on each other’s strengths with the single minded purpose of raising up leaders to reach their own. This area has a dual culture and language. This facet adds complexity with the Quechual influence still strongly residing there.

Next Steps:

  • Pray!
  • Apply: download this Gateway missions application form and turn in to the church office.
  • Let us know if you have more questions or if you’d like to support this trip: