Men’s Ministry exists to help create real relationships between men that result in discipleship and servanthood.  

Men’s ministry at Gateway includes ongoing Bible Study groups, major outreach events, and consistent opportunities for ministry and mission to our community and the world.  Current studies are on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. at the church and Monday nights at 6:30 p.m. at HeBrews Coffee House across the street from the church.

Mission: Building accountable, committed, dependable LEADERS by focusing on relationship with God, with each other, and with the community and beyond.

Our men’s ministry is comprised of a Men’s Ministry Leadership Team. Men on the Leadership Team, led by The Lord to concentrate on one of our three RELATIONSHIP areas, reach out to other men in the church to help organize initiatives and provide assistance where needed.

We believe that every man that walks through the doors of our church is a part of the Men’s Ministry. As such, we offer bible based opportunities to develop into the leaders that God intended us to be.

Where do YOU fit? (Something that you’d like to see?)

  • WEDNESDAY OPEN MEN’S STUDY Recent lessons inluded Reflection of Marriage and oUr Relationship to God, Purity, Wise Use of Time, Redemption and a Right Heart. Upcoming: Your Biblical Inner Circle, Being a Biblical Man of Vision, Priorites
  • MEN’S SUNDAY SCHOOL – we meet in the annex
  • MEN’S MONDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY – we meet at HeBrews Coffee Shop

Places where men are NEEDED:

  • Royal Ambassadors
  • Extended Session – Children’s Worship
  • Outreach – making contact & simple home and yard repair and maintenance
  • Prison Ministry

 Men’s ministry Survey

This survey is to increase the number of men involved in the ministry by building a database for advice and assistance in areas of expertise:

One thought on “Men

  1. Frank Scoggins says:

    What a morning. I’ve been up since 0600 getting things ready for the Men’s Group of Gateway Baptist Church to come over and take down the river birch. Well, it’s down, all the way. The stump is still leaking water. But not only did that do that, they mended the broken wooden fence, cut all the vine out of the fence and off of the shed. They even pulled the black walnut branch off the back fence (wire fence) and I put up a vinyl grating to keep the dogs in until I can replace that section. All that’s left for us to do is to rake the area and get the small river birch twigs up. We burned all the tree, but not the fence because of the nails and screws in the old fence. Don’t want those left in the yard.

    The Gateway Baptist mens group is a blessing to me and to all they help. God Bless them all.


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