Gateway to Women’s Health

A health and wellness initiative offered by Gateway’s Women’s Ministry.

We want women from all over the community to join together for safe, inexpensive, and fun self-care. We’ve got big stuff planned for 2019! One way we are achieving our goals is by establishing neighborhood walking clubs. There will be 5k walk/run to benefit women in our community who do not have access to healthcare or medicines. Plus, this fall, there will also be a free health fair. But first . . .

Everything gets kicked off with a

It’s all about whole-body wellness: mind, body, and spirit. This is the second time we’ve offered this and we’ve got some exciting updates to the class. Here’s what a couple participants said about the last class:

“I was telling my husband tonight THANK YOU for this time to take care of myself and make friends!’

Amy S.

“I just love this class, I have so much fun doing this workout and all the friends I have met here, everybody is awesome!! It is going to be sad when this class is over”

Rhonda K.

“Thank you all for welcoming me and helping out so much. I love it!!”

Kathy D.

” I truly appreciate the love and support from you all!”

Michelina C.

“…This is the first time I really feel motivated to do something for me. Taking time to take care of myself for a change…”

Kim A.

“Love this ministry!  I’m overwhelmed with how great our God is 💜”

Lisa C.

Now that you’ve heard from a few ladies who attended, doesn’t this sound like something YOU want to do?! Alright, check it out, here’s what will be included in the classes: Yoga Practice, Beach Body Workout, Taekwondo Instruction, and Circuit Strength Training. Since this is a WHOLE BODY fitness program, we will also be checking out the Devoted Bodies Bible Study. These will be 3-5 minute snippets that will awaken you to the freedom and blessing available as you exercise stewardship over your physical body and embrace God’s Divine Design for your health and healing.

Oh yeah – and DOOR PRIZES. WHAT!? OH YEAH! Several local businesses that are THRILLED to partner with us in this heath initiative have donated prizes to give away.

So, WHEN and WHERE is all this happening? We’ll meet on Saturday mornings beginning March 23 through April 27 from 9am-11am at Four Three Fit, 43 Atoka Commercial Drive in Atoka, TN. We’re so grateful to gym owner and Gateway member Michelina Cooper for opening her beautiful new facility to us. (They definitely get the whole #ForTipton thing. Sweet!!)

How cool is that? <– SO COOL!

Now, you need to let us know you are coming. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

There’s one more thing you should know. In the opening paragraph, you read that this initiative is all about helping women in our community have access to safe, inexpensive, and fun self-care. There are certain barriers that keep many women in our community from living healthy lives: many are isolated due to financial or physical limitations. Tipton County’s high rate of obesity, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes in women can be directly related to these limitations. One of our goals is to raise money and awareness for women’s health issues in and around our community.

Our hope and prayer is that through this FREE 6-WEEK FITNESS CLASS women from all over the community will catch the vision and join together in this mission. We think we can change the future health of women and girls in and around Tipton County for the better. Want to join us? REGISTER NOW!