When you apply for a job, your resume is critical. In a sense, your resume determines the outcome of the decision maker. If your resume is sufficient, it is likely that you will get the job. If your resume is lacking or doesn’t fit the position, you will likely be passed over for the job. Your resume is designed to impress the boss. A resume generally contains our family information, background, educational accomplishments, job experience, as well as anything else that we think qualifies us for the position. It’s all there to impress the boss so that we can get the position.

In the Bible, there were those that tried to impress God with their resume. They were hoping that their impressive background, extensive knowledge and experience, and extreme obedience would impress God and earn them a place in heaven. In Philippians 3, we see the Apostle Paul’s admission that He had tried to present His resume to God. It was a very impressive resume. However, what Paul found was that his impressive credentials weren’t enough. In fact, he said that all His accomplishments were like trash when presented to God.

What its your Spiritual resume? If you were applying for a position in Heaven, what would you write on your resume? What is it that God would be impressed with? Your spiritual resume really is important. you might be surprised what your Heavenly Father is looking for.