If you’ve ever been to a big time sporting event, then you know that fans can get pretty excited about their favorite team.  They will paint their faces, wear crazy outfits, and yell their heads off for hours for their team.  They are fans.  They are not there when the team is running wind sprints in practice at 6:00am.  They are busy refilling their drinks when the team is digging deep and suffering through injuries in order to win the game.  They are fans.  They are just finishing off their 15th chicken wing when the team is recovering in the locker room after giving it all they had.  They are fans.  If the team struggles, their enthusiasm wanes.  They might even stop flying the flag on their cars, or maybe even switch loyalties to another team.  They are fans.

In the church today, we have too many fans of Jesus, and not nearly enough followers.  There is a HUGE difference between fans and actual team members.  Jesus didn’t come to entertain everyone in huge arenas or to give interesting speeches. He came and called out a group of people that would go all-in for Him and for His Kingdom.  He calls players and not fans.  He calls disciples, and not spectators.  He wants folks that will live and die with the team.

Today, in our final message of the series, “Why Generosity?”, we are going to consider what it looks like to sacrifice for the mission.  When I give myself and my resources to God, how is He using it?  We will learn that generosity is not something that God wants from us, but something He wants for us.  He wants to wrestle the idols out of our hearts.  Would you let God do that today in your heart?

This weeks message from Steve Carpenter is from our Atoka Campus.  If you missed the message or want to hear it again, listen on-line or tune in to our podcast.

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