world changers

“You can be a World Changer, showing God’s love to a world in danger, will you change the world? This is part of the theme song for World Changers. We need your help to bring about change in our community.. This June 24th through the 29th, World Changers will be invading our area, our town, and our church. Along with 170 students coming there are some things we need help with. I am asking small groups to volunteer to meet some of these needs.”

8-10 classes who would make lunch and deliver it to a team. you would prepare a meal for 10-14 people and take it to a designated area. You are encouraged to prepare enough for your class to eat with them if you can. You would feed them Tuesday through Friday.

We need a class or two to volunteer to keep the shower trailers open during set hours. These hours will be determined later, but typically are from 6-7am and then 3-6pm.

We need some individuals or classes who would be willing to help prepare dinners and help with set up and tear down of sanctuary. Cindy Galey is leading our kitchen team, and she needs lots of help. She is wanting to develop two teams. A breakfast team and a dinner team. We also need church members to be here to welcome and meet the needs of the incoming volunteer teams and World Changers Staff.