imgresFrom the bottom of a pit, Joseph realized that his world would never be the same. Betrayed, abused, and left for dead by his own family. To call it a tragedy would be an understatement. Slavery, false accusations, and imprisonment were ahead of him. Life had taken a sudded turn, and it wasn’t for the better. Life can do this to any of us. A lost job…a disastrous diagnosis…someone else’s evil act… a tragic accident…a divorce…and life is never the same. We fall into a pit from which we think we might escape.

In the pit, Joseph never lost hope. He kept a firm hold on his faith, and let God do His work. Joseph figured out how to take the blows of life, and hold onto all the things He knew about God. He avoided bitterness and embraced forgiveness despite circumstances that would have buried most in a wave of self-pity, anger, and depression. How did he do it? What did Joseph understand that we need to understand in the middle of our disaster? Today, in the midst of despair and hurt, we will hear advice from the pit. IN Joseph’s life, we’ll see the attitudes and the truths that will help us when we think we won’t make it.

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