Prayer and Pride

For this last week of emphasis on prayer, we take a look at an interesting story. A man stood in the gap by praying for his nation. His prayer teaches us some things. Then, there is a surprise ending to the rest of his story.

This message is from Steve Carpenter at our Atoka Campus.  If you missed the message or want to hear it again, listen on-line or tune in to our podcast.

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God remind us of our purpose.
We want to be overwhelmed with the gospel.
Break our hearts for our world.
Send revival to your people.

Everyone who attends Gateway is invited to attend one of the prayer gatherings in October. We’d like to keep each gathering small, so we’ll be adding dates/locations as necessary. Will you let us know you are coming?



Personal Evangelism

personal evangelismGateway’s students are experiencing discipleship inside and outside the classroom. They are learning how to share their faith under the leadership of Konnor Kessler, our student pastor. Konnor shared this with us recently:

“Evangelism is about presenting Jesus Christ to people that under the inspiration, conviction, and leadership of the Holy Spirit, they will see their need of a Savior, repent of their sins, trust Jesus as their Lord, and Savior, and serve Him through a local church.

Personal evangelism is all about individually sharing the gospel (good news) with others personally.  Before you can make a disciple, you have to personally evangelize with someone to see if they have a relationship with the Lord.  Furthermore, training someone to share their faith is a significant part of discipleship. We are all called to do it.

This class will be training ground in the sense that the students will learn how to effectively present the gospel to others by using the Word of God.”

O Holy Night

The Christmas season is upon us! (Like it or not!)

Every year we race to get everything done for the holidays.  An already busy schedule is made busier by Christmas parties, decorating, cooking, shopping, traveling, and so many other responsibilities. Before we know it, it is December 26 and we have the distinct feeling that we’ve missed something very important. It’s because we have. We know we need to slow down, but when it’s all over, we’ve missed the essence of Christmas.

One of the songs of Christmas that best captures the essence of the season is O Holy Night.

We sing it every year but maybe we are missing the deep doctrinal truths that are buried in its lyrics. A world weighed down by sin and error, waiting for reduce and waiting for a Savior. Maybe today, you are weighed down by sin and error, wasting away without hope. . .looking for a Savior to appear.

Find hope today as we marry the words of this beautiful song to Scripture, and wake up on December 26 knowing that you’ve truly experienced Christmas.

O Holy Night, the stars are brightly shining,
It is the night of our Dear Savior’s birth.
Long lay the world in sin and error pining,
Till He appeared in and the soul felt its worth.

If you missed the message or want to hear it again, listen on-line or tune in to our podcast.


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Family Meeting: November 22, 2015

Join us this Sunday at 6pm for refreshments and a night with Jeff and Erin Gautney!

In case you are unaware or new to GBC , Jeff and Erin are members of Gateway and IMB missionaries to Colombia, South America.  Over the weekend, Jeff will be interviewing for our Associate Pastor position here at Gateway.  Jeff will be speaking at all three services as well!  Sunday Night will be a question and answer time as well as a chance to get to know the Gautneys a little better.  At the conclusion of the family meeting, if the committee recommends, we will vote on calling Jeff to serve as Associate/Missions pastor.  In addition, we will also be voting concerning the associate campus pastor position at Gateway Munford.  Come and be a part of an historic day at Gateway