Doing Life Together

This phrase describes Gateway’s small group philosophy better than anything else. We believe that real spiritual growth happens best when we team together with others to grow spiritually and be on mission together.

Jesus had a small group of twelve that he did life together with. There is no question that they laughed together, ate together, and cried together. No doubt they dealt with grief, sickness, failure, even death right beside each other. So what was so transformational about this relationship between Jesus and his twelve? All of life, from the stormy seas to hunger pains, was experienced with Jesus and one another. They were not just doing life. They were doing life together. They were doing life together with Jesus. This is what our small groups are all about: Doing life together with Jesus!

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Wednesday Night Grow Groups

The spring 2018 semester of Wednesday night small groups is kicking off on February 14. Here’s a list of classes: