Gateway’s student ministry exists to REACH non-believing students, to CONNECT them with other Christians, to help them GROW in their faith, and to challenge the growing to DISCOVER their ministry and HONOR God with their lives.

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242 – January 19

At 2:42 pm, we’ll have long tables lined up. Bring your own food and we’ll break bread together, enjoy one another’s company, and get into scripture.  Read the scripture ahead of time:(TBA). Make observations and be ready to discuss it. We’ll close in prayer.

D-Now – February 22 & 23

D-Now is a two day, two night event that focuses on discipleship and a specific theme in the Bible. Churches in the community come together for worship, fun, and games. Students will spend the night at a host home and be leaden Bible studies by a group leader. Cost is $35.

There will be informational meetings on January 30 at 8:10pm at Munford and February 3 after 10:30 service at Atoka. Register and pay by February 20.

Student Camp – June 3-7, 2019

Every summer families look forward to Summer Camp . It’s a time when life-long memories are made. Students love the FUN. Parents, you’ll love that it’s a way for your teens to learn a little independence as they have an encounter with God.

Camp can be a significant time in their spiritual life. At some point, your kids will choose to whether or not to make your faith their own. We can’t make that choice for them, but we can give them opportunities along the way. Gateway’s summer camps are the perfect chance for your teens to step into their own relationship with God. For a few days they are unplugged and get some undistracted time with God. When you sign them up for camp, you’re really making an investment in their spiritual development.

 This summer, we’ll be traveling to Englewood, TN. Cost is $300. Register now!

Total cost is $300
Payment Schedule
$100 due by April 28 to reserve spot
$100 due May 15
$100 due May 31

Camp Informational Meeting – March 20 at 8:10pm at Munford and Sunday April 14 after 10:30 service at Atoka. Register and pay by April 28.

Click here to register for camp!


Small groups of students meet on Sunday mornings at 8:15 or 9:30. These school-graded classes meet for one hour at 270 Blaydes, a house located just behind the Atoka Campus Worship Center.


Once a week, on Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm students from all campuses (grades 6-12) meet at The Munford Campus for dinner, worship, Bible study, and games. The Munford Campus is located at 145 Joe Joyner Road.

We also conduct other activities throughout the year with various fellowships, camps, conferences, mission projects and trips.

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