Gateway will be entering the 2013 Atoka BBQ Fest. On April 5th and 6th at Nancy lane Park, our team will be grilling pulled pork and ribs. The cooks have met to discuss meat, rubs, and sauces. They’ve been talking about smokers, charcoal, and tents. The Official Team Entry Form has been completed.  Excitement is a plenty, but something is missing.


We don’t have a Team Name! This will set our identity in the community. It needs to be something memorable, fresh, even zingy, (but nothing too renegade). We want to hear from you. What do you think our Team Name should be? This is YOUR chance to contribute to a piece of history!

What’s a contest without a prize?  We’ll give the winner a Simply Follow T-Shirt and a 2013 Atoka BBQ Fest apron. Winning team name will be chosen on Friday, March 8th.

Get cookin’!