“Low in the grave He lay –
Jesus, my Savior
Waiting the coming day –
Jesus, my Lord.
Vainly they watch His bed –
Jesus, my Savior
Vainly they seal the dead –
Jesus, my Lord”

-Christ Arose, hymn

The city of Jerusalem waited in silence on Saturday of Holy week.

Saturday was all about waiting and watching.  The crucifixion was over.  Jesus was dead and in the tomb. 

It certainly appeared as though death had triumphed.  Saturday must have been an awful day of doubt and questions for the followers of Jesus.  Was He truly who He’d said He was? Was He really the one that they had been waiting for…or was this dark Saturday just full of hopelessness?  

It must have been hard to see what God was doing on that silent Saturday. Most of Jesus followers had not understood Jesus’ promises to rise on the third day. So many of them had given up or walked away.  Perhaps they had decided that circumstances were just too cloudy and dark for God to be working behind the scenes. Yet, that is precisely what He was doing.  

The Father wasn’t absent from the events of Friday or the silence on Saturday.  He wasn’t surprised by any of it, nor was He taken off guard by the enemy.  He wasn’t outwitted or left to wonder what He was going to do now that Jesus was dead.  No, he was intimately involved in His own sovereign, eternal plan to redeem the world through what looked like tragedy and death. 

In fact, death was about to be defeated once and for all.  It just didn’t look like it on Saturday.

It’s really hard to see God’s work in the middle of the pandemic we are facing.  How could God possibly be working in such a dreadful thing?  I do not think God caused the Covid19 pandemic.  I think it is an inevitable part of the results of sin and living in a cursed world.  Things like this happen in a cursed world, and they will until Jesus returns.  God didn’t cause it, but you can be assured that He is working behind the scenes.  Right now, it is hard to see, but He is drawing people to Himself.  He is giving His church an opportunity to shine as lights in this dark world.  He is reminding us of what is truly important.  He is revealing Himself as healer, comforter, and the One that never changes and never leaves us.

Sometimes in the middle of our circumstances, it’s hard to see anything but darkness.  Sometimes it just seems like God is silent and either uncaring or unaware.  It may feel like God had been caught by surprise in the middle of your struggle.  It must have felt that way on Saturday of Holy week.  Nothing but silence and darkness.  

But God was at work in the darkness, and Sunday was coming.

Take courage church, God is at work when you can’t see Him.