When a medieval craftsman wanted to prove himself worthy of the rank of master, he set about creating a piece that would display his full artistry.  He poured all of his skill and passion into it, for it was his duty to shape common materials into a supreme example of his craft.  If his guild accepted it, this work was called his masterpiece.

You are God’s masterpiece.  He created you to express his genius.  You express it in who you are when you’re not doing anything, yet you are not just a museum piece.  You were made to do things only you can do.  God has equipped you with spiritual gifts, abilities, experiences, temperament, and a heart like no one else’s.  You are irreplaceable!

God longs to see your service well up from a joyful heart that knows what it was made for.  It’s time to start being who you were born to be!

EVERY MEMBER A MINISTER 2013 IS COMING…April 21st and 28th.  Are you ready?