It has been so good to see so many of you beginning to return to church! To those not yet back:  You are missed and we can’t wait to see you too!  It looks like we will be social distancing for a while longer, so we are working to be sure everyone can come back safely and be blessed and challenged by our gatherings! With that in mind, there are some changes to our service schedule coming soon that everyone needs to know about:

This weekend – (June 27-28) – Our gatherings remain the same.  (Please save your seat!)
Next weekend – (July 4-5) – There will be NO Saturday evening service on the 4th.  The other two services will be as they have been (10:45 & 6:30)
Beginning with the July 11-12 weekend, big changes are in store! (We will still need you to save your seat if possible)
There is so much that we do as the church that needs to be done together.  As you return to church, remember that despite the risk, our mission is eternal and critical.  The preaching of the word is sacred.  Our together celebrations of baptism and communion can only be done well together.  It’s hard for parts of the body to function without the presence of the other parts, right?  So, though you might feel that it’s not quite time to return yet, when the time is right, I pray that you will return with zeal and excitement over the beauty of the Body and our life together!
I hope you will be planning to be a part of FORTIPTON Day on July 19!  You can read all about it and volunteer on or call the church office at 837-8087.
You are loved – Bro. Steve 
Saturday Evening services (6:30pm) will be FAMILY FOCUSSED.  That means that they will be high energy, fun, and full of games and activity.  The message will be short and kid friendly.  Parents, you will WANT to be here with your children!  (We know how hard it’s been to sit in a regular service when they aren’t used to it.)
Sunday Morning Services (10:45) will be just as they have been.  We will be able to increase capacity a little by removing some tables.
Sunday Evening Services (6:30 pm) will be “mask only” services.  Hopefully this will allow some that are more comfortable in this environment to come back, and offer an opportunity to protect the most vulnerable.
 ONLINE – we will continue to post fresh content on our facebook page each Sunday.