As we enter the Christmas season, our minds turn to the incredible events and people that were a part of the birth of Jesus. We think about Mary, that young, brave girl that submitted herself to God’s will for her life. We think of Joseph, whose love for God and for Mary overcame the challenges of humiliation and embarrassment. We think of the shepherds, who, despite their poverty and fear, made their way to worship the One that had come as King. We think of the wise men, whose long journey ended with worship and gifts for the Christ child.  We think of the innkeeper and King Herod and even the donkey that Mary rode upon!  Yet, perhaps the ones most left out of the story are the angels that are indeed in every movement of the Christmas story.  Their messages were important and their role was critical.

The angels in the Christmas story are full of insight and encouragement.  Yet, it seems that we don’t know very much about angels at all.  What are they?  What is their purpose?  What do they look like?  Do they appear today?  How do WE relate to them?  Over the next few weeks, we will look at the angels and answer these questions.  Their messages throughout the first Christmas paint an amazing picture of what was truly happening at the birth of Jesus.  Today, we will study the visit of the angel to Zacharias and Elizabeth and we will learn that through Jesus, God is calling His people back!

This message was recorded on December 8, 2019 at Gateway’s Atoka Campus.