Each week at the end of our worship time we extend an “invitation.”  If you grew up in church, you know that when the pastor finishes his sermon, often he will call on people to respond to what God has said to them through His Word.  This is the “invitation.”  The invitation is a challenge to obey what God has said, or to make a certain choice.  You are being “invited” to respond to God.

When Jesus concluded the Sermon on the Mount, He also extended an invitation.  He called on His followers and those that were listening to make some choices.  He used a series of contrasts in order to drive His point home.  He presented two gates, two trees, and two kinds of builders.  Although each passage can stand on its own, they are all tied together by one fact:  Everyone must make a choice.

Today, we will look at Jesus’ invitation.  After teaching all about the Kingdom of God, Jesus reached a dramatic conclusion by challenging his listeners to choose to be a part of it.  What is your choice?

This message was recorded on December 1, 2019 at Gateway’s Atoka Campus