So, how is that New Year’s resolution working out for you? Are you still on that diet? Have you stopped that bad habit? Are you still spending that time with God every day? Those things that a mere three weeks ago you were so committed to.  .  . are you still doing them? An even better question is: Will you still be doing them a month from now?

Why is it that we start so many good things, but can never seem to carry them out over the long haul? Why is it that we start so well, but often finish so poorly? We get frustrated over our lack of willpower or desire and sometimes give up on the things that we really need to do in our lives. Spiritually, we can get frustrated and even depressed over our failures when it comes to our walk with God, our witness to others, and even the leftovers from the old life that we can’t seem to shake.

God doesn’t want us to have that kind of up and down experience as we walk with Him. Sometimes we have the wrong idea about how God changes us. In fact, we get things backwards. We try so hard and we strive to obey and change in our own strength, when God never intended that responsibility to be on us. he has provided everything we need for transformation in His Holy Spirit.

God gives us a united, new heart to His children. He places His new spirit in each of us. On the road home. . . we are not alone.

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