This has been the theme of our message series in Acts. We have seen so far how the early church shared their faith, took care of each other, had the power of God, and how they lived fearlessly. This weekend we will look at how they lived God’s mission instead of fitting God’s mission into their lives. That sounds like a very minuscule difference, but it is actually a vast difference.

Living God’s assumes that we do what we do in every area of life for Christ and through Christ. Adding God’s mission to our lives assumes that we own our lives and that we will give God time as we can. When we add God He usually is the first thing to go. When we live the mission of God He never gets taken out. I truly believe that is one of the biggest differences between the early church and us today.

So for this Holiday season, and as we look to close one year and start a new one, the challenge is to our perspective on God’s mission. In actuality to change our lives. This sounds scary to us and it can be, but look at the positives to a life lived for Christ. Everything we do here in this short life impacts eternity, especially surrendering to Christ. I don’t know about you but I want to hear the One who gave everything for me say, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Let us strive to please the One who paid it all..

In Him, Alex