Upside Down: An Unstoppable Movement, Not a Building on a Corner

Jesus said that the church is unstoppable.

In Matthew 16, Jesus said that “the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.” We might believe these words that Jesus spoke, but do we really see the church as unstoppable? What exactly did Jesus mean by saying that Hell itself could not stop the church of Jesus Christ? Unfortunately, we are more likely to see the church as a building on a corner that we come to on Sunday, or maybe a social center, than to see it as an unstoppable movement.

If this is the case, then our understanding of the church and it’s mission needs to be turned upside down.

Without a doubt, the church of Jesus Christ is the hope of the world. There is no other hope. The church was designed by Jesus to impact and change culture in profound ways by the power of the gospel! It is Jesus’ plan for the church to be an unstoppable movement. The idea of a church sitting on a corner waiting for people to come to a place is not a New Testament idea. The New Testament, and Jesus Himself, paint the church as a movement of missional people that cannot be overpowered by Hell itself.

Are you ready to join the movement?

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One thought on “Upside Down: An Unstoppable Movement, Not a Building on a Corner

  1. Linda Berglund says:

    I say the following with all my spirit and prayer. We must be unstoppable as Christians to defeat the ISIS threat. We must all put pressure on President Obama to send a rescue to the 150 Christian men women and children who have been captured by this regime that is truly sent from the gates of hell to do the awful deeds they have done. We must stop being afraid and being PC. I was shocked this past Sunday when no mention was made of the 21 Coptic Christians, our brothers, who were murdered by isis. Where was the plea to pray for their families and other Christians in harms way? Nothing will ever be done unless Christians draw a real line in the sand and tell the government to protect the constitution and protect our country and protect the citizens of this country. We were founded on the Judeo Christian belief.

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