Father’s Day

“I’m afraid I’m not a very good husband.”

“I’m not sure I am really setting a very good example for my children.”

“I wish I knew how to relate better to my wife and children.”

All of these are statements heard in counseling sessions with men who were at a crossroads in terms of their family lives. truth be known, many men feel like they don’t know how to lead their families well. Perhaps they didn’t have a good example growing up, or they have made poor choices for years . . . but most men don’t feel like they lead well.

It is critical to understand what the Bible says about men and how they relate to their families. Being a good dad starts with being a good husband. the Bible gives clear instructions on how the Christian man is to lead his family, and particularly relate to his wife. The purpose of the message today is not to point out fault in our lives or to “beat up on the men” on Father’s Day, but to try to understand what real success looks like when it comes to family life.

No man is perfect. No marriage is perfect. No father is perfect. None of us lead perfectly, and none of us had perfect examples. That’s why we need our Heavenly Father to show us the way. Today, we’ll look at the path to great leadership in the home, and start the process of loving the way that Jesus loves us.

This weeks message from Jason Rodgers is from our Munford Campus.  If you missed the message or want to hear it again, listen on-line or tune in to our podcast.

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A Better Priest

Are you a priest?  Have you brought an offering or sacrifice to the Lord? 

Eli was a priest who served God at the tabernacle in Shiloh. He is most remembered for his blessing on Samuel’s mother and for his contribution to Samuel’s first prophecy. Eli had two wicked sons who served in the tabernacle, but they did not know the Lord. Even though Eli was not perfect by any means and although he was a priest, he made several mistakes in his lifetime.  He failed to rebuke and discipline his sons.  Eli’s family was ultimately judged because of their unrepentant sin.

Being careful to avoid Eli’s mistakes, we will think through specific ways that each of us can be better servants of Christ . Think about the sacrifice Jesus has made for us. In response to His grace, what sacrifice of your own do you have to offer the Lord today?

This weeks message from Konnor Kessler is from our Atoka Campus.  If you missed the message or want to hear it again, listen on-line or tune in to our podcast. 

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Gateway LIVE: 7 Easy Ways Parents Can Teach Their Kids About Jesus

We want parents to be equipped to teach their children about the Bible.

We know that can be intimidating, so we want to give you easy resources you can really use.  Check out the discussion here:

Resources from today’s Video:

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 2.08.13 PM.png

2:35 One Year of Dinner Table Devotions & Discussion Starters

helps families start where they are already gathered together on a daily basis―around the dinner table. As the meal comes to a close, family members can take turns turning to the dinner-table devotion for that day, designed to be done together as a family in 10 to 15 minutes. The result is a meaningful daily discussion in which every family member can participate, drawing the whole family closer to God . . . and each other.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 2.19.57 PM

14:03 101 Bible Verses to memorize with your Kids.

Thanks to Lisa, for this resource. Lisa is our Admin Assistant at the Munford campus. She has this on her Pinterest board that is full of resources to teach her granddaughter (pre-school age) about Jesus. You can check out her board here. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 2.25.48 PM

15:35 Bible Maps.com

This is a great resource for maps and timelines. It’s great to help kids (and adults!) visualize their study of the Bible. They also have an app (iOS & Android).

CD_2for1_Product_Shot_Trust 16:55 Seeds Family Worship

These songs and videos are word-for-word scripture that will help your family learn and memorize God’s Word. We’ll be using this music at Gateway Kids Camp in Summer 2018!

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 2.43.45 PM18:07 Missionary Biographies

There’s a great article by Christina Fox over at TGC called “5 Reasons to Read Missionary Biographies to Your Children”. Check out her article and suggestions of missionaries to start reading about with your kids.

20:05 Ten Questions

Tom Ellif, Tom Elliff, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention has published several resources for family. Among “10 Questions to Ask Your Wife Every Year” and “10 Questions to Ask Your Husband Every Year”. These are GREAT resources from Family Life. You can download 10 Questions parents should ask their children every year. As Jeff explains in the video, parents ask these questions and allow their children to answer without comment. So that removes arguing and for the need for defensiveness!

The Talk.jpg

21:44 The Talk

If we want our children to know the truth about healthy sexuality, we need to create a comfortable climate of continual conversations. This book will show you how to move beyond the initial awkwardness of this subject into an ongoing communication with your kids about God’s amazing gift of sex. He equips you with what you need to talk openly about dating, temptation, porn, and purity, and you will find answers to tough questions and relevant Scripture on sexual issues.

We want to hear from you! What resources are you using that works?


What Is God’s Will for My Life?

This week was a special time at Gateway. At both the Atoka and the Munford Campuses, we took time to recognize our High School Seniors who will be graduating this month. This is usually a time when students really question what God’s Will is for their lives. Today, Steve answers that question.

This weeks message from Steve Carpenter is from our Atoka Campus.  If you missed the message or want to hear it again, listen on-line or tune in to our podcast. 

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Stay in Him.

There comes a point and time in all our lives that we need to evaluate ourselves. Honestly we should do this on a regular basis. We can become so busy doing good things that we often forget the best thing, that we should stay focused on our relationship with Jesus. It’s out of this connection that everything else should flow. Our family, our friends, our job, our fellow church goers, none of these truly have eternal impact unless they are rooted in the true vine!

This weeks message from Drew Waits is from our Atoka Campus.  If you missed the message or want to hear it again, listen on-line or tune in to our podcast.

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