groups numbers_FACEBOOK SHARED IMAGESpiritual growth happens in groups as you dig deeper into the Word and spend time investing in the lives of your group members and as they invest in yours.  Together  you get the chance to go out into our community and reach out to those around us who are hurting for a touch of the Savior that can come through you.

If you are a member of any Small Group at Gateway, or if you’re interested in becoming a part of a group, there’s a big day coming.  “Gather My Group Week” is happening the week of March 7-13. This is the time to invite everyone who is a part of your group, no matter how long it has been since they have attended, to participate in your meeting that week.  And it is a great opportunity to reach out to those who are not a part of a group to join in yours.

Begin thinking of ways you and your group will gather!