There are many needs in the community around us and a million different ideas of ways we can meet those needs.

The question is where do we start?

 The most important thing is not to tell people what we will give them, but find out what they need first. One of the cornerstones of a community is a school–so what better place to find out the needs of the community than the school? So that’s where this ministry began. We, as a church, have an awesome opportunity to meet the needs of the community at Munford Elementary!
The vision of this ministry is to begin with 2-3 schools in south Tipton County, find out what their needs are, and to show them the love of Christ throughout the school year. One thing we are doing for back to school is to fulfill the teacher donation/wish lists for each teacher in each grade at Munford Elementary. These items are on the school supply list given to the students, but they are hardly ever given to the teacher. As a result, teachers must supply these things for their classroom using their own funds. We want to bless the teachers and make sure that their classrooms are fully supplied to be successful this school year.

This is just the beginning of what the LORD is doing.

We want to continue our partnership with Munford Elementary throughout the school year and for years to come. As we make more contacts, we hope to add schools and other avenues of ministry as the Holy Spirit reveals to us the specific needs of the communities in Tipton County.
We need individuals, small groups,really the WHOLE church to join us in ministering to Munford Elementary. Here’s how:
  • Come join us this Saturday, July 30th at 7am to beautify the front of the school.
  • Come Monday, August 1st at 7:15am as we bathe the school in prayer.
  • Sign up to fulfill the teacher wish lists!
  • Most importantly, PRAY about where God would have you join Him in ministering in the communities around us!