For many months now we have been talking and planning for a second campus in Munford. As we move forward toward 2016, it really is happening! God is working out every detail and His hand has been clearly seen from the very beginning. No doubt you have noticed the “pineapple” on the sign, mail outs, and banners publicizing the Munford campus. Although the pineapple will gradually fade away as a symbol, it has created curiosity and communicates the reasons behind starting a Munford campus.

There was a day when the pineapple was a treasure. Not only were they a symbol of hospitality and community, they were expensive and rare. If you had one and shared it with others, it was a great honor. Here’s the connection: We have a great treasure in the gospel. It is more valuable than anything. Just as the man in Scripture discovered a great buried treasure and went and sold all he had to buy the land where it was buried, so the gospel is worth everything we have. Our treasure is the message of Jesus and His great grace and forgiveness. We have this treasure within us, the Scripture says (2 Corinthians 4:7). We are called to share this great treasure with others as we love and live out our faith in every place.

So, what’s happening? Gateway has a God given opportunity to obey the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) in a greater way. . .in a new community. . .to share with people that we might not otherwise be able to reach. We have been given the opportunity to multiply ourselves in a unique way to that this treasure within us can be shared with all who will call on the name of the Lord!

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