When God said, “It is not good that man should be alone,” it became evident that He created us for relationship and community with others. We have an innate need to know and to be known by others. This truth is weaved throughout the Scriptures. Nowhere is it more clearly seen than in the opening pages of the book of Acts. The early church had a very special community. They were devoted deeply to each other. They cared for one another and supported one another in need. They prayed for each other, and worshipped together. The early church had something very different from what we usually see in our churches today.

Why don’t we see this kind of community more in our lives today? Why is it that so many feel disconnected or left out? Why is there so much loneliness, when God created us to be together in unity and support?

Greatrer together logoIt’s certainly true that our society and culture fight against the beautiful community that we see in Scripture. It seems that no matter how much we talk about community and how hard we work to create it, we fall far short. Today, we will look at the truth, that perhaps we have the right goal, but the wrong starting point. What drove the community we see in the book of Acts, and is it possible to see it in our groups and churches today? I think the answer is, “Yes”!