We all need reminders sometimes.  Whether we need to be reminded of an appointment or something as simple as locking the door, we all appreciate and need reminders!  We might set a reminder on our phone or even tie a string around our finger so that we don’t forget something important.  As the Apostle Peter neared death, he wrote an entire book to remind us as believers of some very important things.  In 2 Peter 1:12, he says, “…I will not be negligent to remind you always of these things….”  What was it that Peter felt so compelled to remind these believers about as he neared the end of his life?  First, he wanted to remind them that it was important to continue to grow in their faith.  He wanted them to give great effort toward being like Jesus.  Second, he wanted them to be sure and reject false teaching that was already in the church, and more that would be coming.  Third, he wanted them to be ready and looking for the return of Jesus Christ.  He wanted to remind them that God had indeed promised Christ’s return and that any delay was only a result of the patience of God.  Today, we need these reminders like never before.  Are you making an effort in your faith?  Are you firm enough in your faith to reject the false teaching all around us?  Are you ready if Jesus came back today? Peter’s reminders to the first century church are just what we need to face the challenges of being a believer right now…over 2000 years later! 

This message was recorded on March 8, 2020 at Gateway’s Atoka Campus